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Changing door locks is a prominent part of home security, ensuring the safety of your family and household goods. Nevertheless, understanding financial issues is essential before implementing this imperative.

The charges vary based on numerous variables, starting from the locks you choose and the expenses incurred by a locksmith. This detailed article will discuss the cost elements of replacing a door lock and guide you in understanding the essence of cost declaration and budget planning.

Types of Locks and the Costs Associated with Each

There are various types of door locks. You can choose the style of door lock based on your preference and door type.

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1.     Cylinder Locks

Cylinder locks are ubiquitous in apartments and private properties. These bolts are characterized by a cylindrical mechanism that requires a key to release it from being actuated.

The prices of disc locks differ based on the elements (brand, security grade, materials, etc.). Essential cylinder locks start at approximately £20 and increase to £50.

In contrast, more advanced security devices with features like anti-drill and anti-pick are considered costly, costing £50 to £150 or even more.

2.      Deadbolts

Deadlock locks offer extra protection through their strong builds that comprise bolts penetrating the door frame; this adds unbreachable strength to the door.

Simple and basic deadbolts, which can vary in quality, cost around £20-£50, while high-quality double-cylinder deadbolts or smart locks with remote access capabilities may cost between £50-£200 and more.

3.      Mortise Locks

Mortise locks are a popular choice among owners of old houses, and they are characterized by their superior security functions.

The installation of these locks assumes the expertise of a professional, as they are involved in the door and frame connection.

The mortise locks range includes various styles and finishes; the price range ranges from £ 50 to £200 or more, depending on the brand and level of security.


4.      Smart Locks

Smart locks have become popular due to their smartphone app functions and other advanced features that enable homeowners to control access to their homes remotely via these smartphone apps or voice commands.

The price of the smart locks is dependent on the quality of the brand of the smart lock. Some smart locks are more sophisticated than others, and it may depend on the calibre and features.

Low-range smart locks can range between £100 and £200, while highly advanced automated models with home security systems may extend to a range between £300-500 and more.

5.      Padlocks

Padlocks are multifaceted keys that can be applied on fences, sheds, and storage boxes. Padlock prices generally depend on variables like size, material, and grade for safety rating.

Entry-level padlocks start at around £10 and can be purchased for up to £30, while heavy-duty models with harder steel casing and advanced locking technologies will cost more than £30 and can be purchased for as high as £100.

Locksmith Charges

When changing door locks, professional locksmith services are usually needed to conduct this work properly and securely.

The charging rates of locksmiths may differ depending on whether it is a simple lock or a very complex lock, whether the locksmith has experience, and whether the locksmith is located close to the requesting customer.

Here’s a breakdown of typical locksmith charges for changing door locks: Here’s a breakdown of typical locksmith charges for changing door locks:

Callout Fee

Many (locksmiths) charge travel fees to customers as the cost of visiting and showing up in person is also included. Here at Emergency Local Locksmith we do not charge a call out Fee to keep customers costs down.

Skilful callout fees start from £50 to £100 or even more depending on the locksmith’s reputation and the distance travelled.

Labor Costs

Installing new door locks might cost labour, depending on the job type and the installation’s length.

A one-lock alteration would take less time and labour than an extremely complex repair job requiring more materials. Labour costs are unpredictable but can be £50 to £100 an hour during specific job performance.

Lock Replacement Costs

The labour charges will not be the only payment made to the locksmith. In addition, there will be coverage for new lock sets or locks to be installed. Lock prices vary from brand to brand and security features.

Therefore, you should consider these factors when purchasing new ones. Base locks typically cost £20 to £50 for the least security alternatives, but the highest resist ones cost £50 to £200 or more.

Additional Services

They would offer services that address individual’s specific requirements in cases such as key cutting, lock rekeying, or security upgrades.

This could cause additional undeclared costs; therefore, you should inform your locksmith about any further services required.

Tips for Cost-Effective Lock Replacement

Before contacting a locksmith, you must perform research in order to identify different types of locking systems available on the market. Acquaintance with the kinds and price ranges of varying lock types will allow you to select the lock option for the particular installation it is needed and avoid spending more than required on largely unnecessary features.

Get Multiple Quotes

Be patient when choosing a locksmith. However, posing just around and getting quotes from numerous locksmiths nearby is more useful.

Ask also about their pricing structure, which will include callout service fees. Deliberate on the price of the labour and lock replacements based on the inquiry for services. Quote measuring can assist you in getting the least expensive quote for your station.

Consider Rekeying Instead of Replacing

In certain instances, simply rekeying the preexisting locks may be cheaper than replacing them. The rekeying process involves adjusting the lock mechanism to use a new key, but ultimately, the hardware will remain in its original form.


Changing door locks has variable cost criteria, such as lock type and locksmith fee. You can reduce your house rekeying cost by getting quotes from different locksmiths, researching different lock types, and considering rekeying instead of replacing the locks entirely.

In addition, you can trim down your spending by combining services or doing the basic installations on your own. Doing so is helpful as you will change your locks on a budget and maintain your home’s security.

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