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Whether for a front main door or inside the home, door locks provide protection and security for our belongings and offer peace of mind. Door locks come in different ranges and types, from classic to modern.

It’s necessary to know what door lock type you need to select the door lock type that will suit you best. In this extensive guide, we will let you introduce different lock types, from their working principle to the pros and cons of each lock.

That will help you to select the perfect door lock for your home. Read more to know about all the door lock types.

It’s important to consider factors such as your lifestyle, security needs, and the type of door hardware you currently have when choosing a door lock. To find the best door lock, we researched dozens of different styles and evaluated them on durability, security, ease of use, and cost.

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1.     Deadbolts

Starting with the most common type of door locks, deadbolts. As one of the best door locks, deadbolts offer the most protection against break-ins or burglaries. Generally, there are three types: thumb turn, single, and double locks. In this type of lock, a key or knob turns without the aid of a spring.

Deadbolts have a remarkable locking mechanism to resist battering, physical attack, and boredom. These are also not susceptible to opening from the outside with a tool or knife. Certainly, the simplest deadbolts are those with one cylinder and are easily activated from one side with a key.

·         Working Mechanism

Deadbolt locks operate without springs by turning a key or using an access control system. The ends of the locks are usually not rounded or angled, and they are usually made of steel or brass.

Aspects to consider

  • The installation and finding of these devices are easy.
  • Investing in a deadbolt lock can increase your home’s security for an affordable price.
  • Having them around your home makes it easy to move between rooms.
  • They keep your residential property safe if they’re installed.

Possible drawback

Mechanical deadbolts are not a good option if you frequently lose keys. This type of lock makes it easy for people to lock themselves out of their homes.

2.     Mortise Locks

Most mortise locks are found on doors with glass panels, commercial doors, and some apartment doors. They are available in both heavy and light-duty models. Locksets of this type usually have cylindrical bodies with levels or knobs. It is available in various lengths and heights to fit various doors.

Among other door locks, you will also find cam locks, wall-mounted locks, rim latch locks, and many more. If you buy one for your office or home, get the best one.

·         Working Mechanism

Because these locks are locksets rather than simple locks, they have an internal system. With a cam and a set screw, they help create a locking mechanism that keeps them secure.

Aspects to consider

  • Both ends can be locked.
  • They come in a variety of sizes.

Possible Drawbacks

It can be costly to install mortise locks, especially if the doors haven’t been pre-cut.

3.     Lever Handle

Commercial entryways usually have lever handles. In comparison with knob-style doors, they are easier to open since they have a large push-down handle rather than a knob that must be grasped and turned. They are also the best option for entrances that cannot accommodate locks with deep cases.

·         Working Mechanism

A keyhole is cut into the backplate of the lever lock handles. Sash locks are used to operate doors with these locks. A lever connected to a spindle opens and closes the door through a latch and a keyhole.


  • Lever handles feature modern designs and is strong.
  • The handles are large and easy to grasp and turn, making them easy to open.

Possible Drawbacks

  • The handle is pointed and at hip height, making walking difficult.
  • The cost of electronic door handles is high.


4.     Knob Locks

In most cases, they are used in residential settings. Knobs are their main feature, as you might imagine. The knob has a cylinder inside, so it’s more likely to break. These types of locks do not offer the highest level of security, so it is best to combine them with a deadbolt lock, for instance.

Using knob locks internally might be ideal. It’s perfect for your bathroom or bedroom door.

·         Working Mechanism

Much similar to lever door handles (knob locks, although they came first). The handle’s backplate or rosette has an aperture for the spindle that fits into it. The lock passes through a matching hole within the door’s mortice or tubular latch. By turning the door knob or handle, you rotate the spindle within the door, which operates the latch.

Aspects to consider

  • There is less chance of clothes getting caught on doorknobs.
  • Rim locks are only available with door knobs.

Possible Drawbacks

  • It is not a good idea to use door knobs on external doors.
  • It is not recommended for small children or people with arthritis to use door knobs because of their grip & turn operation.

5.     Electronic Smart Locks

Electronic smart locks are becoming increasingly popular in modern homes due to their convenience. Generally, smart locks are a combination of robust hardware and sophisticated software.

Hardware features include deadbolt mechanisms, motorized locking systems, Bluetooth, and WiFi communication capabilities. With these features, you can control door access remotely from any location with apps for smartphones or tablets.

·         Working Mechanism

When a smart lock is connected to a WiFi network, it takes a code from your smartphone or receives a command from the lock itself.

Aspects to Consider

  • You can use your smartphone as a key with smart locks.
  • You can unlock your front door from wherever you are by logging on to your app once they’re installed.

Possible Drawbacks

A major disadvantage of smart door locks is their reliance on networks and WiFi. It is possible for a cyberattack to compromise the locks even though they provide excellent physical security.

6.     Padlocks

One of the simplest types of door locks is the padlock, which is portable, which means that, unlike other types of locks, the padlock is not permanently attached to the door. A padlock can be fixed to a door, fence, gate, chain, or chain to ensure a secure space and prevent theft.

Normally, padlocks have a shoulder shackle, which raises the sides of the shackle so that bolt cutters can’t cut through it.

There are two main types of padlocks: mechanical and electronic.

  1. In a keyed padlock, the lock is released by inserting the key. There are two types of keyed padlocks: non-rekeyable and rekeyable. In non-recyclable padlocks, changing the key isn’t easy. A lock can also be keyed or non-keyed. When you open a key-retaining padlock, the key cannot be removed.
  2. In combination with padlocks, the dial can be rotated to reveal multiple digits or letters. These must be lined up into the right combination to open the lock. Once they are lined up, the padlock will be released. Keyless locks are useful because they don’t require keys. Locks of this type are easily decoded or shimmed.

7.     Lockable Thumbturn

Deadbolts with Lockable Thumbturns are hybrids between single and double deadbolts. On the inside, it has a thumb turn that works like a standard single-cylinder deadbolt, except the thumb turn is lockable using a key.

A thumb turn can easily be locked to prevent someone from unlocking the deadbolt, even if they had access to the door from the inside. It is the most flexible and secure deadbolt on the market.

Aspects to consider

  • As they provide privacy, they are a great option for internal use.
  • There is nothing easier than using a thumb-turn lock.

8.     Disc Lock

A disc lock is likely to be more secure than a padlock. Disc locks have rounded shackles, making them difficult to cut with bolt cutters. The core of these locks is easily changed without disassembling them, making them popular in larger institutions and businesses.

With the operator key, the core opens as usual, but when the control key is used, the entire interior can be removed without removing any screws.

Aspects to consider

  • Easily rekeyed
  • It is great for offices and warehouses because of its high-security system.
  • The double key makes it perfect for high-security locations.

Some Drawbacks

Besides their slightly high price, disc locks do not have any disadvantages.

9.     Cam Locks

A cam lock is a light-duty lock commonly used to secure cabinets, drawers, and other small compartments. A cam is a metal latch attached to the base of these valves; they have a cylindrical base with a keyhole. The key must be inserted into the hole to lock or unlock the cam.

Possible Drawback

While they provide basic security, their straightforward, lightweight design makes them easy to break, so they shouldn’t be used to lock homes, sheds, or valuable stuff.

Aspects to Consider

It is best used for securing cabinets, desks, and furniture compartments.

10. Euro Profile Cylinder Locks

European countries, particularly the United Kingdom, are more likely to use this lock than American ones.

A cylindrical lock set is attached to the door through a hole. In the middle of the door, a cam spins a bolt that moves according to the key. When sliding doors are operated, a hook moves back and forth and latches onto an internal hook. There may be a key on both sides of the cylinder, or one side may have a handle from the inside that opens the lock. Check out this blog on Euro Locks.

11. Fingerprint scanner lock

An easy-to-use and secure keyless lock, it offers convenience and security. You can store the fingerprints of other family members or roommates using fingerprint scanners that save a couple of fingerprints each.

Alternatively, you can unlock and lock your door from your smartphone with modern fingerprint locks using your phone.

These are the most popular door locks, but others are also becoming popular. The cylindrical lever lock, video intercom, push-and-pull locks, and designer knob locks are some examples of other types.

·         Working Mechanism

You use a fingerprint scanner to unlock your door, similar to unlocking your smartphone.

Aspects to consider

  • A passcode option is also available with some of these locks and the ability to track who has opened the door.
  • Using fingerprint scanners, it’s easy to store the fingerprints of family members or roommates.
  • An option to operate from your smartphone

Some Possible Drawbacks

It’s hard to operate when the power goes out. It will be necessary to replace the batteries in the battery-operated models regularly. There is a possibility that the lock may refuse to recognize a fingerprint if the fingers are oily, wet, or have a cut or scar.


Choosing the best lock type according to your preference is clearly not easy. But with this extensive guide, we hope we have made you a few steps closer to choosing the lock type.

Lock reviews would help, but by extensively not only telling you each lock’s pros and drawbacks, we have also enlightened you on each lock’s working mechanism. This will help you choose the best lock-type installation for your sweet home.

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