Terms and Conditions


If You agree to the services and cost of the Job to be provided by Us as specified by Job Sheet/Invoice/email/text over the telephone, a contract will come into existence at this point between You and Us.

– Once you booked a service/Job with us, a cancellation charge may be applicable to you when cancelling the job.

– If the job is cancelled within 15 minutes since you made a call, there is no cancellation fee.

– If the job is cancelled after 15 minutes from your call, £35 cancellations fee is charged.

– If the job is cancelled after our locksmith arrives at your location the fee rises to £70

– We may take the non-refundable £35 cancellation fee over the phone before an engineer is dispatched ( depending on circumstances )

– If we have ordered any parts especially for you, then the cost of these parts will be added to the standard cancellation fee.

– If you pre-booked a job with us and you would like to reschedule it rather than cancel it, there will be no cancellation charge, however, it must be done at least with 6 hours notice.

– We may ask for a part deposit when ordering parts.