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Car Locksmith | Locked Your Keys In The Car?

Car Locksmith

Emergency Car Locksmith Service is on the rise with so many cars on the road someone will need a car locksmith at least once in their life time.

It’s very common for people to lock keys in the car without realising most cars after 2005 have a auto lock function  Some cars allow you to turn this function off so check your cars manual for help, however if you have locked your keys inside your vehicle we have the tools to open your car in minutes. Check out our Auto service page for more details & our Areas we cover. We currently only open cars but hopefully in the near future provide a full car service to cut & program keys to cars.

car locksmith

Better Locks Better Security

Do I Need New Locks?

As most people are not aware locks are not just locks, there are many different types of locks to choose from such as size & security. Euro Cylinder door locks look the same from the outside however in the last 10 years the technology inside of the locks have changed for the better. Such as sacrificial points on the locks to prevent a thief trying to brake the lock to gain access to your property as in the picture below.

 Car Locksmith | Locked Your Keys In The Car? - image yale-locks-anti-snap-euro-cylinders-range-300x225 on to a standard Euro cylinder lock

Car Locksmith | Locked Your Keys In The Car? - image euro-cylinder1-300x300 on by looking at these two locks you can see how the technology has changed to improve security. Check your current locks & if you would like emergency local locksmith to attend give us a call or use our contact form.

Locked Out Of My House

emergency local locksmith

To be locked out of your home in the middle of the night can be anyone’s worst nightmare Emergency local locksmith are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week providing the best locksmith service you can get. Snapped keys in locks is very common on upvc / composite doors, because overtime they need adjustments to operate smoothly.We will get you back into your home within minutes so there is no need to brake any windows or try kicking your door down. It would be cheaper for the customer to call us out rather than fixing your attempts to be a hero.

Another common cause of lock outs is where customers leave a key on the inside of the lock as they leave the home.This stops any key from the out side unlocking your Euro Cylinder lock causing the lock out, Emergency local Locksmith can also gain entry without damage in this circumstance. So avoid leaving your keys in the lock especially at night as this is not safe.

Faulty locks or mechanisms is on the rise due to its age, many people do not service a lock or have a door adjusted which also can cause another lock out. We can adjust your doors to save you money to prevent damage to your mechanisms.

Loosing your keys can be extremely frustrating not knowing who has your keys, we highly recommend changing all locks to your property as soon as possible even if you have spare keys inside. Our locksmiths carry a wide range of locks to change for you in an emergency.

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