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As you seek to improve your home security, you may ask yourself which locks you should be using. Not all locks are equal in how much security they give you. We take a look at British Standard Locks and discover why they are so important to keeping your home safe.

What are British Standard Locks?

British Standard Locks are locks which measure up to the expectations of the British Standards Institute (BSI). These locks are usually found on both your front and back door and can be identified by the BS kitemark. They will also sometimes show a number which proves they have been certified by the BSI. Popular brands such as Yale have some of the highest BSI certifications, but not all locks are approved.

British Standard locks for security

The BSI only approves locks which have been deemed resistant to thieves and appropriate for safety and security purposes. BSI-certified locks are resistant to tampering and improve the security of your home overall. They are also reliable and allow for quick unlocking if you need to leave your home quickly. BS3621 is viewed as the standard for the external doors of residential properties.

British Standard Locks for apartments

It isn’t only those who live in houses who should consider British Standard Locks. BS8621 is considered essential for domestic flats or apartment blocks, which need to consider easy exit and secure entry. This lock is also vital for providing an accessible emergency escape route, due to a key not being needed for exiting. Though you are unlikely to need to evacuate your building, this provides good peace of mind and meets safety standards.

Insurance and locks

When you are looking into home and contents insurance, the type of lock you have can be a stumbling block to getting the coverage you need. British Standard Locks are often deemed a necessary security measure in insurance policies, and so installing them could make getting covered much easier.

British Standard Locks are an excellent way to protect your property. Are you looking to upgrade your home security and want to ensure you have the best locks? Get in touch with your local locksmith to discover how British Standard Locks could be the right choice for your home.

As you seek to improve your home security, it’s essential to understand the significance of using reliable locks. Not all locks are equal when it comes to providing security. In this guide, we will explore the importance of British Standard Locks and why they are crucial for keeping your home safe and secure.

What are British Standard Locks?

British Standard Locks are locks that meet the standards set by the British Standards Institute (BSI). These locks are typically installed on both front and back doors and can be identified by the BS kitemark. The kitemark signifies that the lock has undergone testing and certification by the BSI, ensuring its quality and security features.

Benefits of British Standard Locks:

British Standard Locks provide several benefits that enhance home security. Some of these benefits include:

a. Resistance to Tampering: BSI-certified locks are designed to resist tampering and forced entry attempts. They incorporate advanced mechanisms and materials that make it difficult for intruders to manipulate or bypass the lock.

b. Improved Home Security: British Standard Locks enhance the overall security of your home. Their robust construction and reliable performance give you peace of mind, knowing that your property is better protected against break-ins and unauthorized access.

c. Quick Unlocking: In case of emergencies or the need to evacuate your home quickly, British Standard Locks allow for swift unlocking. This feature is particularly important for external doors, ensuring that you can exit your home efficiently when time is of the essence.

Certification Process:

To obtain British Standard certification, locks undergo rigorous testing and evaluation by the BSI. The certification process involves assessing the lock’s resistance to different forms of attack, such as drilling, picking, and bumping . Locks that meet the required security standards are granted the BSI kitemark, indicating their certification and compliance with British Standard requirements.

Popular Brands:

Several reputable brands offer British Standard Locks that meet the stringent security standards. One such brand is Yale, which is renowned for producing high-quality locks. It’s important to choose locks from trusted brands that have a proven track record in manufacturing reliable and secure locking systems.

Effectiveness Against Break-Ins:

British Standard Locks are specifically designed to deter and resist break-ins. They incorporate advanced features, such as anti-pick pins, reinforced bolts, and hardened steel components, which make them more resistant to attacks. While no lock can guarantee absolute security, British Standard Locks significantly reduce the risk of unauthorized entry and act as a strong deterrent for potential burglars.

British Standard Locks for Apartments:

It’s important to note that British Standard Locks are not limited to houses. For domestic flats or apartment blocks, BS8621 locks are considered essential. These locks provide secure entry and easy exit, ensuring residents have a reliable emergency escape route without needing a key to exit. BS8621 locks meet safety standards and offer peace of mind for occupants.

Insurance Considerations:

The type of lock you have installed can impact your home and contents insurance coverage. Many insurance policies require certain security measures to be in place, including the use of British Standard Locks by installing BSI-certified locks, you increase the likelihood of meeting the necessary security requirements and making it easier to obtain comprehensive insurance coverage for your home.

British Standard Locks play a vital role in enhancing home security. They provide robust resistance against tampering, improve overall security, and offer quick unlocking during emergencies. By choosing BSI-certified locks from trusted brands, you can significantly reduce the risk of break-ins and ensure peace of mind for you and your family. Remember to consult with a local locksmith to find the best British Standard Locks for your specific needs.

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