24/7 Emergency Locksmith Covering Essex & Hertfordshire

Keys been lost, damaged or stolen?

When your keys aren’t where you left them, it can make your heart leap into your throat. In such a moment you need a friendly and professional voice on the end of the phone to assure you the problem can be resolved quickly and affordably. We’ll help you to get into your vehicle or property, and we can change your locks and provide you with a new set of keys from our fully stocked mobile workshop.

Want to beef up your security?

Security is top of the list of considerations for many home and business owners. We’re happy to offer our skills and experience in the form of a consultation service, highlighting potential areas of weakness in your property security. With your approval we can then oversee the installation of security improvements, ultimately making your home or business that much more secure.

Local Locksmith

A True Emergency Locksmith Service

What does a true emergency locksmith service mean? It means we’re a local locksmith you can genuinely call any time of the night or day, and be guaranteed the same level of excellent quality service. We’ll endeavour to attend to you as quickly as possible, often within 30 minutes, to ensure you never have to spend a single minute longer waiting than necessary.

Whether your keys have been damaged, stolen, or simply misplaced, we’ll be able to work with your lock, providing a non-damaging entry to your property or vehicle. With that we can either cut you a new key or retrieve what was locked inside.

A Service Tailored To You

Emergency Local Locksmith does everything we can to make our service as convenient and affordable as possible. We offer both the option for card and cash payments, meaning you’re never stuck for a way to pay.

Transparency is at the heart of our service. We provide a reliable, dependable, and highly experienced professional locksmith service to a range of residential & commercial clients. Our list of satisfied clients has been built because we offer a consistent quality service, which is exactly what you will experience should you ever need to call us.

We’re more than happy working on any manner of locks. Whether it’s the lock to your property, your business, or your vehicle we will bring the same level of care and determination to getting it open quickly.