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Did you get stuck at your home entrance due to a malfunctioning door lock? Or are you skeptical about its current condition? In this article, we will discuss the reasons locks get jammed and explain some steps that you can take to fix them.

Be it your house front door, car door, or office door, which is being very rude to you, knowing how to deal with a door lock will save a lot of your time and trouble. Therefore, to keep this in a nutshell and understand how to open a stuck door lock again, let’s do this.

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    A Detailed Guide on How to Open a Jammed Door Lock

    Here is a detailed guide on how to open a jammed door lock.

    1.     Lubricate the Lock

    Use a drop of lubricant to smoothen the lock and make it easy to rotate. You can apply graphite spray or silicone-based lubricants. Lightly coat a key with lubricant and insert it into the mold.

    Spin the key a couple of times clockwise to apply the lubricant inside the keyhole. Do not use excessive amounts of lubricant, as this may make the lock sticky, and the lube will accumulate dirt and debris.

    If a generous amount of lubricant is sufficient to unlock it, but the lock faces jamming problems later, you may need to get help from a locksmith.

    2.     Check for Obstructions

    To make sure there is no obstruction, the lock and surrounding area should be visually inspected. Try to eliminate any rubble, dirt, and nonbonding elements that might be hindering the entrance of the key or interfering with the mechanism of turning the lock. Use a flashlight, if there is a need, to get a clearer view down the keyhole.

    If you spot anything obstructing the area on the stick, carefully remove it using forceps, a toothpick, or a thin brush. Take care not to damage the lock or push the obstacle even deeper inside.

    After clearing the obstructions, let’s use the key to check if the lock is now in working order. If it persists, contact a locksmith for additional help.

    3.     Use a Lock Picking Tool: Use a Lock Picking Tool

    Using a typical lock-picking tool is a convenient method of opening a jammed door lock. These tools are built to manipulate the lock parts without damaging them. To use them, first you insert the tool into the lock, and then you gradually move the pieces until you hear a click.

    It implies that the lock is unlocked, and you can thus operate the key to open the door. The practice and skill matter when using locks, but the legality of such breaching action might be a problem. You can call a locksmith in such a case to avoid damage to the lock.

    1.     Try Different Keys

    Key trying is also an additional technique used to unclog a jammed door lock. If the first key doesn’t fit well, the second key may work better. You can first try the keys that indicate that they are the right keys that can open the lock.

    If you are a homeowner without any substitute keys, you have another option of making use of the keys from the other locks in your home that are of the same size. Slowly feed the key level with the keyhole and twist it both ways.

    It may also occasionally be the circumstance that a small difference in the shape or size of the key is enough to enable it to be turned.

    Nevertheless, be careful not to use too much brute force; otherwise, you might lose the key, which will embed itself into the lock and worsen the situation. If the problem persists after trying with all the keys, it is a better option to get it fixed by a specialist Locksmith.

    2.     Consult a Professional Locksmith

    If your door lock is stuck, it’s best to have a professional locksmith unlock it for you. Locksmiths are skilled professionals who are well acquainted with locks and have the specific equipment to mend them. They can identify what is wrong with your lock, fix it, and make it work again.

    They can also help you prevent it from happening again. Whether it’s your house or company, it’s a wise choice to let a locksmith deal with lock issues so that you can be sure that the door will not be breached.



    What do you do if the key locks you in?


    You can just apply a minimum amount of graphite powder to the keyhole with a brush and then use a copy to get the powder in the lock. One other way is to apply the graphite powder first to the key and then insert it into the lock.


    How do you open a door nob that won’t unlock?


    This can be resolved manually by spraying graphite or using a silicone-based lubricant. Dusting the product and turning the key a couple of times should do the trick.


    For stoppages due to clogging, we recommend not using oil-based lubricants, such as WD-40, since these can cause further blockages.


    Why does the Door Lock Get Jammed?

    As a rule, Jammed locks made from debris would fall. Maintain the keyhole clear of dust and dirt by using the dry lubricant to keep the locking mechanism free of dust so you don’t end up with a jammed lock.


    If your door is blocked by key failure, there is no need to fret. Give it a little shot yourself and try fixing it with the lubricant or by tapping the lock gently. If that fails, there is no problem seeking help.

    Technically, a locksmith is a professional who knows a lot about locks, which means that they can provide a solution to your problem. Take your time, and don’t rush, even if it might seem impossible- there’s always a way to solve every padlock issue.

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    Andy Locksmith

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