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Ultion locks are one of the market’s most robust types of lock systems. If you’re looking to keep your family safe, whether you’ve just moved into a new house or have lived in the same house for some time, it’s time to consider whether the entry system you are using is putting you in danger.

In light of this, we’d like to introduce you to Ultron’s ultimate door-locking system technology. Whether you’re looking to install an Ultion lock in your home or want to know how it works, this Ultion guide is for you if you’re not sure how the lock works.

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What Are Ultion Locks? Follow these instructions to learn how to use your Ultion Lock.

This modern security solution provides unparalleled protection for your home; it’s not your average door lock. In comparison to traditional locks, Ultion locks offer features like anti-snap technology.

Their unique design and construction make them a formidable deterrent against intruders. Unlike a standard lock, which only has five or six pins, Ultion locks have eleven pins. The number of key combinations is nearly three times greater than before. Almost all Ultion Locks feature Lockdown Mode.

This lock has a solid molybdenum core and is secured with a retaining pin. When forced entry is detected, the lock triggers, locking down your door lock and preventing burglars from entering. Anti-snap technique at its finest.

You can also control key control with your Ultion keys for your lock, as they have been linked to you only, so nobody can cut your Ultion keys without your permission.

How To Lock Door with Ultion Lock?

The composition of an Ultion lock is euro-cylindrical. Like any simple lock, euro cylinders can easily be locked. The key to your door can be used to lock and open it. With Ultion thumb turn locks, you can open or close them externally with a key while opening them internally with the Ultion thumb turn.

Smart locks from Ultion let you remotely control them using your phone and use standard keys or wireless keypads to lock them.

Steps to Open Door with Ultion Lock

You can increase the security of your home by following these simple steps:

  • To start, insert the Ultion lock key into the cylinder. The key should turn smoothly when it is fully inserted. Recheck the alignment of the key to see if there’s any resistance or difficulty.


  • After the key has been inserted fully, turn it clockwise. By doing this, you engage the lock mechanism, which secures your door. You should feel a smooth and distinct resistance as you turn the key.


  • Multi-point locking is a feature of Ultion locks. Make sure all locking points are fully engaged after turning the key.


  • Once the door is locked, try removing the key. An anti-snap feature in Ultion locks prevents the key from being removed unless the lock is fully locked. The additional security measure ensures that the lock works as intended.

Lock Maintenance

Maintaining your Ultion lock regularly will ensure its smooth operation for a long time. Ensure the lock mechanism is kept in good working condition by applying lubricant to the key and inserting it repeatedly into the lock.

For Added Security

If you have spare keys for Ultion locks, you should keep them safe. Don’t leave them anywhere in your house where they might be easily accessed by anyone who can compromise your security. Consider using a secure or digital key holder to protect your keys.

The ‘LOCKDOWN MODE’ feature locks your door permanently

Ultion automatically enters a ‘Lockdown Mode’ whenever a forced entry attempt is made, resulting in a protected attack lock being activated directly into the central cam, which is something that is not possible with instant access locks.

The attack lock cannot be bypassed; we mean that literally as a security measure. Because of this, you and your family are kept safe and secure with the feature ‘Lockdown Mode.’

What is Key Control?

With Ultion key control, you can prevent unauthorized copies of your new Ultion keys from being made. An already ultra-secure locking system gains an additional layer of security.

If an Ultion Key Center requests a new copy of your key based on your unique code, Brisant sends you, the homeowner, an email to request authorization. Ultion Key Centres can only decode the information stored on Brisants’ website using the code from your physical keys. Your key cannot be cut without this information. Moreover, Brisant databases do not store any information about your address as an added layer of security!

With Key Control, homeowners know who makes copies of their keys and when they are requested. In addition to decrypting your information, you are prompted to enter a new password every time you request a new key.

Do you know what molybdenum is?

As part of the design of an Ultion Lock, molybdenum, which is 25% stronger than iron, is used in the core. As a pure element, it has one of the highest melting points of any element, and it is also extremely malleable and corrosion-resistant.

Different settings for Ultion Locks

The Ultion lock is a versatile piece of equipment suitable for various applications. Whether you want to secure your residence or a commercial property, Ultion locks will provide a reliable barrier against unauthorized entry.

Do not hesitate to seek professional assistance if you encounter any issues with your Ultion lock or if you are unsure whether it is functioning properly. Locksmiths who have been trained in the art of fixing locks can address any problem and ensure that your lock is in great shape.


Ultion locks are built to last. These locks are highly durable and reliable thanks to their high-quality materials and precision engineering. In addition to enduring harsh weather conditions, they provide long-lasting home security. In addition, they undergo extensive testing to ensure consistent performance, so you can be sure they will provide you with years of effective protection.

Ultion locks provide unbeatable security. Your home is safe and secure with these tough, durable locks. In investing in Ultion, you are taking the first step towards safeguarding your home and protecting your family.


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