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Lever-look handles are the most popular locks in commercial and residential properties, from well-furnished houses to offices and even school classrooms. Besides their sleek look, they provide robust security where they are installed.

They look modern and give quite a nice feel due to their easy-to-grip handle, which makes them a popular choice. Lever door locks are super easy to use.

If you haven’t been used to lever door handles, especially if you’re unsure how to lock them properly, then be with us throughout this article as we will demonstrate to you how you can easily and effectively lock lever door handles.


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Different Types of Lever Door Handles

A door handle can be fitted with one of three types: a latch, a lock, or a bathroom handle. You will probably only need a latch handle for most of your home’s doors. An integrated deadlock is installed on bathroom handles to provide privacy.

An internal lock handle is equipped with a three-lever lock, whereas an external door is equipped with a five-lever lock or a euro profile lock. Also, multilever door handles can only be fitted to multilever locks for external doors. The best security choice for modern homes is multilever handles.

It is much easier to operate a door handle than a door knob, and it can be fitted close to the edge of a door.

Factors to Consider while Deciding on Different Lever Door Locks

As explained above, there are mainly three main types of lever locks. Starting with a deadbolt lock.

Deadbolt Lock: If you need a lock, it is operated by a key, which can be locked and unlocked from both sides of the door.

3-Lever Lock: A lock like this is ideal for doors that need to be locked for privacy reasons, but where high security is not required – it has fewer levers and is easier to duplicate keys. Locks like these can be used on all internal wooden doors that meet standard specifications.

5-Lever Lock: Five-lever locks are most commonly used for external doors. This type of external door lock requires additional levers, making it one of three types home insurance companies require.


Easy, Simple Steps to Safely Lock Lever Door Handles

To lock a lever handle door properly, you will need to follow the following steps:

  1. Closed Position: Close the door properly. The latch or bolt must fully engage with the strike plate to function effectively. You can confirm this by pulling the door from the lever handle in a static position; if it doesn’t move, you’re good for the next step.


  1. Engage the Lock: Next, Locate a button or lever inside the lever handle. The faceplate of most handles will usually have this information on it. If you press or flip this button/lever, you can engage the lock mechanism and make it work.


  1. Test the Lock: Once the lock has been engaged, turn the lever handle from the outside. Essentially, the handle should be locked so that it cannot be turned in any way. It will not properly jam; rather, it will give a person a feeling that the door is locked.


  1. Check security: Gently push or pull the door to ensure it is locked. It should remain firmly closed and locked. If the door opens by turning the lever, you’ll have to repeat the process carefully. However, it’s less likely to go wrong with it.


  1. The Lever Handle Key or Code Must Be Secure: Now that the door has been successfully locked, you can pull out the keys and keep it safe as needed. If the lever handle requires a key or code to lock, then this key or code should be kept secure, and it should only be accessible to authorized personnel.

As with any lock, you get spare keys; similarly, keep the spare keys of your lever lock in your locker if you lose the current ones.

Safety becomes much Easier with Lever Locks.

A lever handle lock is a simple, inexpensive, and effective locking mechanism. It is easy to install and use them. These are made of steel and aluminum, so they’ll last a lifetime. Regarding glass doors or doors that won’t accept locks with deep cases, door levers are an excellent choice. Even with the narrowest depth lock cases, you won’t catch your knuckles on the door frame when using a door lever.

Many door levers have various back plate options, from round roses to long back plates, which facilitate various functions. Using a longer plate allows you to incorporate a keyhole or bathroom turn-and-release element without buying them separately.

Safer for Kids

As we can expect from growing babies, they are full of energy and excitement that drives them to explore new things, making them vulnerable to the external environment and inside the home if they are kept unchecked.

Locking the main entrance doors is essential, but we cannot be sure that we are regularly checking the locks on doors inside the house for our children’s safety. Lever door handles, although easy to operate, there are many kids’ safety temporary locks in the market that are well-suitable for lever-style door handles that further require no drilling at all!



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