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Van security has been an issue for many years now since 2016 over 40,000 vans have been stolen, and a further 117,000 have been broken into, according to research from What Car?.

Every van made after 1998 has a standard engine immobiliser to stop the vans from being hot wired, so as the technology gets smarter its more difficult to steal the vans. Now the thieves would rather try and force open the van doors to steal its contents.

Van security helps to prevent or slow them down.

Type Of Locks

Depending on what level of security you need depends on the type of lock needed to be installed, there are Slam Locks , Dead Locks, Armour Locks.

Slam Locks

slam locks

Slam locks lock the van as soon as you slam the doors shut.

This makes them easy to secure but you could accidentally lock your keys in the van.

Slam locks might be a good option for couriers who make short, frequent stops.

Dead Locks / Hook Locks

deadlock hook locks

Deadlocks are a separate lock to your van’s internal locks they’re difficult to force open.

Deadlocks might be good for tradespeople who leave their van unattended for a while.

You can also add steel plates around the locks to stop thieves drilling around the lock.

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