Rogue Locksmiths & National Companies To Avoid !!!

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Currently there is a big problem in the locksmith industry with customers being scammed and highly overcharged. The locksmith industry has a reputation of being a highly charged service due to these companies and rogue locksmiths. Take this example of national companies advertising top of google search page with great low prices FROM £39 – £50.

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When the price seem too good to be true….
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They often are..

So do not rush when selecting who you would like to come and help with your locksmith need. Take your time and look online for the reviews to these companies. Here is a review from the link provided…

This company must be shut down..

24/7 London Locksmith
This company must be shut down… I am appalled. My elderly neighbour arrived at my door in tears this afternoon that she had broken her key in the door. I calmed her down, did a google search and found 24/7 London Locksmith. He arrived 20 mins later… said it would be £240 to open and wouldn’t say what the lock would cost to replace. I then left her as she said open and she got in. She then arrived on my door so upset… he had charged £975 including VAT! She obviously had to pay. £385 charged for the lock replacement (just a cylinder) and 3 keys!
£99 for call out, £89 for labour and the emergency call out/entry of £240.
I am so annoyed this happened, he took advantage and I refuse to let them do this to another innocent person. Please Google, you have a duty to your people to stop these right away. Paying to be top of advertising cannot allow companies to ROB innocent people.

What is the correct price?

Unfortunately there is not set price in the locksmith industry but an average price as it all depends on which day what time of day – night, what the problem is ect..

Which? has a guide online so you can read for yourself.

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As you can see £49 is not so cheap.