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Why Upgrade my Locks ?

This is a very good question asked by many of our customers & is Emergency Local Locksmith job to keep our customers safe.

Why upgrade my locks? Let’s explain, now a Upvc door has a multi point locking system with a mechanism inside the door and is operated by a Euro Cylinder lock, this euro cylinder lock is what needs to be updated. Thieves have found a weakness in these old style locks & needs changing quickly.

As you can see from the old style lock it has no extra security to prevent any type of attacks from buglers as shown in the next picture.


Just by looking at these two Euro cylinder locks you can see the improvements made by the manufacture to secure your home. Over the last 10 years many homes have been burgled & targeted due to old locks not been upgraded for years. The police & insurance companies highly suggest to upgrade your locks sooner than later to prevent your house being targeted.

Have a locksmith change your locks on your home ?

It is very important to have a locksmith change your locks especially just after moving into your new home, the most obvious reason is how many people have a key your your home? So many people have extra keys cut and given to other family members or friends for emergency situations. Another good reason why a locksmith should change your locks is to ensure your property is safe and secure, no one needs a weakness in security so have the Professional Locksmith go over all your doors and windows to ensure security.


Emergency Local Locksmith are happy to help we are only a phone call away, here is a video to explain further.